The Mission of WAR is to promote gender equality, prevent and respond to gender based violence through public education, advocacy, research, and survivor support.

Who is Women Against Rape?

Women Against Rape (WAR) is a human rights organization that's based in Maun, Botswana. We primarily support abused women and children and we address the issues that contribute to their abuse. We have also extended our services to men who may need our assistance.
Our Mission is to reduce the incidences and impact of violence against women and children in the Northwest District through empowering women and children, providing support for survivors, public education and legal reform.

Our Services

Support for Survivors

WAR offers support to victims and survivors of gender based violence through the following programs:

Public Education & Awareness

WAR educates communities on gender based violence and HIV and AIDS with the goal of creating long-term behavioural change. WAR operate the following programs:

Research & Advocacy

WAR works to gain full understanding of the causes and effects of rape and other gender-based abuses...

Resource Mobilisation

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