The Mission of WAR is to promote gender equality, prevent and respond to gender based violence through public education, advocacy, research, and survivor support.



WAR educates communities on gender based
violence and HIV and AIDS with the goal of creating long-term behavioural change.
WAR operate the following programs:

SASA (Start, Awareness, Support, Action) phases

SASA! Is a new methodology for addressing the link between violence against women and HIV and AIDS. It is a Kiswahili word for "now!" and also serves as an acronym for the major phases of the program. Documented in a user-friendly Activist Kit, it is meant to inspire, enable and structure effective community mobilization to prevent violence against women and HIV and AIDS. SASA! uses four strategies: local activism, media and advocacy, communication materials and training to reach a variety of people in a variety of ways.

GLOW (Guys and Girls Leading Our World)

GLOW is a youth empowerment programme that was started by Peace Corps in Romania in the early 90s but has since grown in leaps and bounds due to its effectiveness. In Botswana, it was first started in 2006 solely run by the American Peace Corps volunteers. In 2007 they partnered with WAR as a way to sustain the program. In 2008 WAR took over the program.

Glow clubs are voluntary associations of students whose main goal is to create awareness among adolescents on issues that affect their growth and development. The clubs empower students with knowledge and skills on how to prevent issues such as Gender Based Violence, teenage pregnancy, HIV and AIDS, STIs, Alcohol and Drug abuse as well as leadership skills. Through these clubs students are empowered to effectively reduce their vulnerability and eliminate or mitigate socio-economic impact of these issues.

SAR (Students Against Rape) Clubs

Student Against Rape clubs are voluntary associations of students interested in the activities that prevent rape, sexual abuse, sexual harassment and violence targeted to students whether in schools, at home or in the community. The clubs are involved in creating awareness among students on issue of HIV and AIDS, sexual transmitted infections (STIs) and teenage pregnancies. WAR provides technical assistance to each club by training members in different skills including personal life skills, peer education and counselling, and club management