The Mission of WAR is to promote gender equality, prevent and respond to gender based violence through public education, advocacy, research, and survivor support.

16 Days of Activism 2017

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08 Mar

Orange the World!

Women against rape 16 days of activism team came up with social media campaign on addressing by using taglines #orangetheworld an initiative from United Nations and #IamAgainstGBV for the local community.Post Image

Before any member was taken a photo, they were educated and enlighten on the 16 days of activism and given a choice to take a photo as a pledge to be against GBV thou other commitments has like work has not allowed them a chance to attend our meetings/campaigns. About 99 people of different gender, race, ages and cultures were reached through the hashtag social media campaign. There was only 1 audible video recorded of a women expressing about her thoughts on GBV and what she knows about the 16 days of activism campaign. Read more…